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Hi there! Welcome to my Blog! If you've made it here you're already my friend. My name is Zipporah. But everyone knows me by Z or Bebe. I am a Marketing Assistant by Day and a College Student Majoring in Marketing and Graphic Designing by night. I am your typical-shy-and-quite-at-first-but when-she-drinks-wine-she's-actually-a-really-cool-gal. No seriously, I am really shy and awkward at first. But I am really cool after a glass of wine. In fact, chances are I am probably having a glass of wine as I write this.

So here we are, I only wish that you follow along as I share a portion of my Lifestyle, Fashion, Travel and Tips and many many more here on my Blog.  I hope that on this blog you will find inspiration.

Thank you for following along!

Yours Truly,

Zipporah B.

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