Hakata Ikkousha

I am a ramen lover and I will do anything to get it. The best ramen I had though was in Tokyo. I can still remember that time, I was feeling really sick. After 5 hours of being up in the air uncomfortably and recovering from a stomach flu from the Philippines, all I wanted was a hot bowl of soup. So, there it was, in Tokyo Station, a mini restaurant that I can’t remember the name of, lies the best ramen I have ever had. I can still remember the taste of that tonkotsu ramen – broth so thick, rich in flavor and topped with chashu pork and ingredients that I never knew existed. And even though I threw it all up after eating, it was still the best ramen I have ever had. Well, here I am back in California 3 years later after that trip and I still haven’t found the place that have the similar taste or close to it. That until, my Husband found Hakata Ikkousha or aka Ramen Professional. When he texted me after finding Hakata accidentally, I knew he must take me and have a taste of it on my own. So off we go, and I ordered their tonkotsu with premium topping plus a side of mentai bowl. As I sip on my tonkotsu broth, I was taken aback to Tokyo. This was it. Broth to perfection – creamy and rich in flavor. The noodles were thin and have that perfect soft and chewy texture. The chashu pork is thinly sliced and jam packed with flavor. Topped with my favorites – seeweed, egg and generous amount of green onions. What made this place special is that it has all that Tokyo vibes. The way you order is efficient, fast and simple, the tables comes with pitcher of water and there’s a table with all the condiments that you need. Put an order vending machine outside this restaurant, and this place would probably bring me all together back to Tokyo.


Zipporah BermudezComment