Lavish Brunch with Lillet

Hi there!

You’re probably here because you watched my recent IGTV post “Get Ready with me for Lavish Brunch with Lillet” ? or probably just got lost here? Either way, I’m happy to have you here :)

A couple of weeks ago, I got invited to a Lavish Brunch with Lillet, an iconic French wine-based aperitif. I was ecstatic when I found the invitation on my email because 1. I have known Lillet to host Lavish Cocktail Parties. 2. They had also collaborated with Chef Dominique Ansel - a well known Chef across New York and California for his Cronuts. 3. I’m a big cocktail drinker, sooo it’s no question asked when I got invited. Hehe

The event was everything I had imagined. Very french inspired, shabby chic with lots of good lighting and lavish food. From the hanging gorgeous flowers under the umbrella, to beautiful minimal chic centerpieces, to scrumptious menu, everything was indeed, lavish. I knew we were off to a great start when we got escorted to my favorite and lucky number Table 14. Sadly, we arrived a bit late due to the LA Traffic so we kind of got a late start on our food. We were served first off with croissant and bacon (ohh my that bacon..soo good), followed by Chef Ansel’s savory scrambled egg and lastly some big, fat and boujee lobsters. Now, I have never had lobsters for brunch before, but man, did that feel quite fancy.

The beautiful cocktail brunch was held outdoor, however, all guests were roasting including me, but no worries because Lillet Spritz Rosé and Lillet Blanc had kept us refreshed and hydrated. Let me tell you though, these Cocktails got me all good, refreshed and tipsy. Not to mention, it was my first alcohol drink in a while ever since I went on a Whole30 diet.

Minus the heat that day, this experience was one of a kind and I loved every minute of it. Special Thanks to Lillet for having me!

Outfit Details:

Nasty Gal We Don’t Play Games Tie Romper (here)

Ariel Lace Up Shoes - (here)