Los Angeles

There’s nothing like being a tourist in any City especially Los Angeles. Although, I have been here quite a few times, I am always still reminded of what I love about this City. Starting with Coffee shops.

Moody Christmas

Hey All! I know I am late. But I wish you a Merry Christmas. Did you have a Merry Christmas this year? I hope that you did. I spent my Christmas on a good note. My Mom who’s been living in the Philippines and whom I have not seen for years has finally arrived in America on the very Christmas Day. It was one of my dreams for Mom to come to America. How did you spend yours?

Pachamama Mexico

Our journey to Baja continues as we made our way down to Todos Santos - a historic little town that is very special to me. Before our trip to Baja, I stumbled upon Pachamama Mexico’s Instagram. As soon as I saw the teepees, I knew I had to book right away. I have always wanted to experience glamping and Pachamama was the best place to experience it all. You could imagine how excited I was when we arrived at our destination.