Living Room Update I

Welcome to our humble abode or should I say Welcome to our Crib? Haha!

I wanted to share with you all our new and partly refurnished living room. This living room is not done yet as you can tell. If you’ve been following my blog (which I want to thank you all!), you know that my Husband and I are working on our home little by little. Although, this home improvement is taking a while, we are still proud of how far we have come improving this little home we have built.

Our living room still needs some work. We are looking to repaint our whole house, inside and out, take out the mantel around the fireplace, hang our TV up on the wall and put in some new lamp and shelves. Also, what do you guys think? Should we take down the wall against our leather couch and have it open to our kitchen? We’d love to hear some input.

Honestly, I don’t really know what aesthetics we are really going for but everything that is incorporated in our living room is something that reminds us of what we love in life. For example, the oil Cactus art hanging on our wall reminds us of the desert. The indoor plants that gives tropical slash California mid century desert reminds us of that time we spent in the island of Boracay and Baja, California. The leather couches plus the wood furniture and deep colors represents the love we (I) have for rustic industrial things.

FYI - Majority of the decors you see here are from World Market. The World Market by my house closed down last year and I scored some pretty decors in there. The wood slice coffee table I got for $98.00, totally a steal! Rug for $40.00. Will link down some of items below if you are all interested.

Ohhhhh lastly!!!! I also wanted to share here how amazed I am of myself because my indoor plants are STILL well and ALIVE so far. Some of my plants are also coming back to life, they are throwing some new leaves, so that really makes me feel very happy and amazed.

Anyways , til here for now. Have a look around and let me know what you think!



Leather Couch: Living Spaces

Tribal Throw Pillows: World Market

Cactus Oil Painting: World Market

Coffee Table: World Market

Plants: Home Depot

Rug: World Market

Shapa Scale: Shapa