Temecula Valley Cheese Company

A lot of you probably do not know this little fact about me, but I am a Cheese Monger. I LOVE CHEESE and my ultimate favorite would be the Gouda Cheese. I’d definitely share more of my cheese monger adventures here on my blog from now on.

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon back in Spring, my Family and I hanged out at Temecula Valley Cheese Company. This place is very quaint, charming and rustic. It reminds me of a cheese shop somewhere in France that I had always pictured in my head. As soon as we walked in, we were welcomed by two lovely ladies, who I believed the owners of this place. Their menu consists mainly of cheese and cured meat but they also serve sandwiches.

Our charcuterie board had a mixture of sweet and savory flavor. There were dried and fresh fruits, jams, nuts and 2 types of Gouda cheeses that I can’t remember. The Sangria I had here was the BEST Sangia I’ve ever had thus far. It was the highlight of my visit. I definitely recommend it to everyone that loves a sweet wine as myself. I also want to mention that there was a pâtè included on our platter which I have never seen on a charcuterie before. I thought it was very good and a great spread for bread that was included on our platter.

We enjoyed our charcuterie board and wine at their outdoor patio and I cannot say enough how lovely it all was. That crisp and lovely Spring breeze accompanied by amazing music being played by a live band was just all too good to be true. Needless to say, that was a very memorable Sunday afternoon that left me cheesing to this day. Pun intended.