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Pachamama Mexico

Our journey to Baja continues as we made our way down to Todos Santos - a historic little town that is very special to me. Before our trip to Baja, I stumbled upon Pachamama Mexico’s Instagram. As soon as I saw the teepees, I knew I had to book right away. I have always wanted to experience glamping and Pachamama was the best place to experience it all. You could imagine how excited I was when we arrived at our destination.

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Playa Balandra

Playa Balandra or Balandra Beach is a short 30-40 mins drive from La Paz. It is one of the places you should NOT ever miss if you’re in La Paz. It is a beautiful pristine beach where you can relax and hang out for hours. I love this place simply because of its uniqueness. This beach was no tropical. No palm trees, no coconut trees, instead what surrounds it is the beautiful desert mountains and few saguaro palm trees. Welcome to Playa Balandra, where the desert meets the ocean.

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La Paz, Mexico

I have been hearing about La Paz, since I started dating my Husband. He would always tell me the story of how his old boss would used to go fishing there for months, come back to work and eventually retired and moved there for good.

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