La Paz, Mexico

I have been hearing about La Paz, since I started dating my Husband. He would always tell me the story of how his old boss would used to go fishing there for months, come back to work and eventually retired and moved there for good. Safe to say, he's always been curious about this place. Well, fast forward 8 years later, for our 3 year wedding Anniversary, we have decided to finally see La Paz's beauty for ourselves. 

It was a short 2 hour drive from Cabo San Lucas, and the experience driving in Baja California Sur was strange in a way. I felt that I'm in a completely different place yet so familiar. Perhaps, Baja just reminded me so much of SoCal.  The weather and the road is so much alike. 


To think that La Paz, is actually the Capital State of Baja California Sur, La Paz was extremely peaceful and a much relaxing place. It's a place for people that's looking to enjoy their staycation without having to hear the loud music from their Hotel's Bar. There are bars lined up, but you wouldn't see people partying like there's no tomorrow. It was more of a place where couples and family gather together for a fancy dinner. 

After an approximately 5 hours of travel and a few mishaps - getting a flat tire on our way to the Airport and dealing with our Car Rental - we have arrived at our Hotel. We stayed at Club El Moro which was such an affordable place and located in such a great area. However, I wasn't really a real fan of this Hotel. It was great from the outside but the rooms definitely needed some major upgrades. 

My favorite adventure in La Paz was the Food. My Husband and I consumed so much Seafood more than we have ever had in our lives. The seafood in La Paz or even in Baja California in general is not to be missed. It is the freshest and most savory seafood you will ever have. I've had countless ceviche, seafood cocktails, fried fish, fish tacos and oysters almost everyday. I also ate cheese empanadas every breakfast, my favorite! Our favorite place to eat at is the Taco Stand located in the heart of Zona Commercial. That Stand has been there for years and passed on within the family. But with all these seafood talk, I gotta tell you, that the best food I have ever had in La Paz was the Carnitas and Chicharones Tacos that we had from the Taco Stand off the side of the street. Trust me when I said it was the BEST ever. The carnitas was so rich in flavor. It was tender and topped with chicharones for a hint of crunchiness which was the best part. Now, the Chicharones Tacos was just so crunchy that just melts in your mouth. Perfect match with Coca Cola. For some reason, Coca Cola in Mexico tastes natural compare here in the US. Anyways, I was so sad that we only had these Tacos once. I am still craving these tacos up to this day and sometimes I wonder if I can ever help the family branch out their Taco Stand close to my house. Just a thought. 


We have spent most of our day time lounging in Playa Balanadra which I would like to tell you more about on another post. I want to keep you all excited. Until then, I hope that you enjoyed these little snippets of La Paz, Mexico.

Yours Truly,

Zipporah B.

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