Falling for Fall


By the title, you can already tell that this is one of those cliche “Falling for Fall” posts. I love Fall, in fact, it is one of my favorite seasons of the year. It won just a few points ahead of Spring and here’s the factors as to why that is…

Gloomy Days

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I love the gloomy days during Fall season. I love waking up to that foggy mornings. The steamy mug full of warm coffee or hot cocoa, that fresh dewey smell of the plants and trees. The cold weather. Yes. The cold weather. I get more things done when it’s cold. I don’t sweat and my hair is so easy to manage during the gloomy weather.

Pumpkin Cinnamon

What is better than that smell of Pumpkin Cinnamon pie baking in the oven. Mmmmm….I don’t bake, but I just went to Trader Joe’s the other day and that’s what welcomed me as soon as I entered the store. It really did put a smile on my face. Just the smell of that Pumpkin and Cinnamon really puts me in the Fall Mood.

Pumpkin Chai Latte

Again, everything will start with “Pumpkin” during Fall season. Pumpkin Pies, Pumpkin Cake, Pumpkin Muffin, Pumpkin Soup…but the best thing of all? Pumpkin Chai Latte. I have recently discovered Pumpkin Chai Latte last year and I swear, it is one of the best inventions ever in the whole entire world. Soooo freakin’ good. This is the only thing I look forward mostly during Fall.

Warm Colors


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The warm weather may no longer existent but the warm colors during Fall season will surely warm your heart. From Fashion Trends to leaves of the trees during Fall. I love it when the leaves starts to change its color. It is the most amazing thing to see. From green to warm yellow color until they all turn to brown and start to fall on the ground. It is so amazing to see especially if you live in a place where it rains a lot. My dream is to witness Fall season either in Nara, Japan or Oregon.

Fall Fashion Trend

Knit. Oversized. Sweaters. Need I say more? I mean who doesn’t like to be cozied up in sweaters and scarves. Time for boots, pants and over the knee socks. My favorite!

Bold Lips

I always look forward to this time of the year because I can appropriately wear dark color lippies with no judgment from other people. Wine lips, Ruby Woo lips. All these dark and bold red lippies are in!


Via @wehearit.com

Lastly, Fall Season is a reminder that Holiday Season is coming. Sure, Netflix will probably start coming in with Scary movies, but you know what else would be in the Selection? A hint of Christmas movies.

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed this post. Do you also love Fall Season?

Yours Truly,

Zipporah B. 


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