Husband's Bbq Corner

I LOVE MY HUSBAND! Let me just say that first and foremost. He is the best Husband. And what I love about him the most, is that he is soo good at BBQ. It's one of his many hobbies and if I have said before that I find peace and bliss in blogging, my Husband feels the same way with firing up the grill. So, it was only the best thing ever when I came up with the idea of giving my Husband a little BBQ Corner in our Kitchen. Now, our Kitchen is not fully remodeled yet. Our kitchen definitely needs some work, some new paint and new cabinets. We are currently working on our Savings for home improvement. But I am sooo sooo excited to share with you all what we are currently working on in our house. A little thing that you should know first is that my Husband and I do not believe in Store Credit Cards so this home improvement might take a while. 


A great way to organize our pots and pans is to have the shelves.


house plants

We added some houseplants for a touch of colors. I really think that the colors of the BBQ sign and plants really coordinated together.


Kitchen Ideas

We are going for industrial + tropical. Think of tropical plants, metal chairs and chandelier.

Also we are going to get rid of this kitchen table and replace it with full on bottom cabinets.