Playa Balandra


welcome to playa balandra

where the desert meets the ocean

Playa Balandra or Balandra Beach is a short 30-40 mins drive from La Paz. It is one of the places you should NOT ever miss if you’re in La Paz. It is a beautiful pristine beach where you can relax and hang out for hours. I love this place simply because of its uniqueness. This beach was no tropical. No palm trees, no coconut trees, instead what surrounds it is the beautiful desert mountains and few saguaro palm trees. Welcome to Playa Balandra, where the desert meets the ocean.

My Husband and I spent most of our days while we were in La Paz here in this beautiful beach. Every morning, we’d wake up, get ready, get our breakfast from our favorite Taco Stand in Zona Commercial and head to Balandra Beach. We’d make sure to go as early as we can. We would spend drinking Micheladas during the peak of the day and basically just spend our whole day swimming and lounging.


Playa Balandra

from above

Some time after our quick cat nap under the palapa, we would walk to the other side of the island. The water is shallow enough where you can do just that. There’s also a kayak we could’ve rented, but my Husband and I opted out. It was kind of a regretful decision because that limited us to see the sand dune beach across the Balandra Beach.


Vamos a la Playa

We also took a short hike up the hill next to Balandra Beach to see the whole island from above. Although the trail at the end was a bit complicated and sketchy. The view was worthy. It was spectacular and unforgettable.

Hope you like this post! Have you been to Balandra Beach?

Yours Truly,

Zipporah B.