Korakia Pensione

A year ago, I came across Korakia Pensione from my wedding photographer's blog. I was so curious about this beautiful place that I dragged my Husband to go see it. It was much prettier in person than photos but it comes with a tag price. Which probably why it took us a year to finally book it and it happens to be for my Birthday, my 30th Birthday.  I know what you're thinking, what a gal could be thinking celebrating her Summer Birthday at the Desert? But where else are you going to celebrate it when everyone is already at the Beach, am I right? My Husband booked the Sparta Studio in addition to an iMac he got me (Ugh, he is such a Sweetheart, I can't even). The room is located in the Mediterranean Villa, across the Street from the Main Lobby, which is also the Moroccan Villa side of the Korakia Pensione. That being said, there are 2 Villas in Korakia Pensione - Mediterranean Villa and the Moroccan Villa. The Villas are all unique and furnished with handmade antiques. Our Studio Room, came in with kitchenette, stone shower and a large king size bed. It also opens to the Pool Courtyard, which was perfect. I was also in love with the Crosley inside the room. Is it weird that I got excited over the old song we played to party? At night, the staff would light up candles and start up bonfire around the pool. The Korakia Pensione's staff are all very helpful. They are all women too, mind you. Our stay felt like we stayed in a beautiful home with people to pamper us. The complimentary home made breakfast was the highlight for me. Soo delish and beautiful and we got to enjoy it in their beautiful Moroccan Courtyard. Now, I've mentioned in the couple of my post how much I love a good brunch. And to be honest, all I wanted for my Birthday was to be by the pool side, a good brunch with my family and friends, but I received so much more.  One of the highlight amenities of the Korakia Pensione was their salt water pool. Unfortunately, the whopping 114 degree weather at the desert didn't seem to agree so. The pool wasn't refreshing at all as the weather made the water feel like a warm bath. Surprisingly, at night, the pool is warmer than in the morning. But the good news was, I learned how to swim. Guys.....I learned how to swim! Now, that is something big I've accomplished on my 30th. Yet, not confident enough to be far away from the edge of the pool, I could say I can do the doggie paddle and cross the pool. Have you ever stayed at the place where every time you remember it, you just kinda' miss that feeling, the feeling of relaxation and uniqueness, you just can't stop thinking about when you're going to come back? That's how I'd like to put it on how great the experience we've had at the Korakia Pensione. Now, minus the unbreathable heat of the desert, I loved every minute of my 30th Birthday celebration. I celebrated my birthday in a quite place where I enjoyed partying with an old music playing in Crosley, learned the joys of being able to just enjoy the crackling noise of the bonfire at night and enjoyed the beautiful brunch . I gotta say, I have grown up. Thank You Korakia Pensione for having us! I definitely recommend this place if you are looking for a quite and relaxing place to stay at. This is not a sponsored post. When is your birthday? Yours Truly, Zipporah B.
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