Venice Beach

One of the things I love about living in California is the fact that you can be in such a magical place any time you want. Last month I was in Moroccan and Mediterranean wonderland. (See: Korakia Pensione)  And few weeks ago, I was in Venice. Indeed, California Dreamin'. I supposed everyone have heard of Venice Beach and everyone that comes to California always wanted to see this place. I can see why. From the famous boardwalk to little canals - there's always a lot to see in this place. It's definitely a different atmosphere when you're here and if you're looking for a place that will give you the ultimate California vibe, Venice might just give you that. Maybe because almost everyone here are just young, wild and free. My favorite in Venice Beach, would always be the street arts in Abbott Kinney Boulevard. But it wasn't 'till our last visit that I cared about the famous Venice sign. I was really shy to cross and stop in the middle of the crossing to take photos but everyone seems to do it. So here's a tip if you ever want a photo in the famous Venice sign: Have someone take a photo of you and have a IDGAF attitude. Cross the street and use the last 15 seconds of crossing to strike a pose, then there you go, you have a photo in front of the Venice sign. We ended our day scouting some locations to shoot my dress from Boohoo and found ourselves in a dumpster alley. Might not sound a promising location to shoot but this alley just have it all. The vines, the flowers, the rustic wall, I mean come on...I gotta give it to this beautiful dumpster alley. Have you been to Venice Beach yet? Yours Truly, Zipporah B.
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