Young, Wild and Free

Rihanna, The Kardashian Klan and more celebrities have lately been on the Free the Nipple trend. I commend them for having that kind of guts to pull it off. I, on the other hand, can only have this kind of day when I'm at home. I'm sure all women can agree with me, that, there's nothing more relaxing and comforting than coming home from work and letting the babies be free. But what if, you can actually go out and just feel that kind of comfort while at the same time being fashionable? Sooo...I tried it.. And the good news is No one died. I gotta say after I tried this trend, it's not just about being a trendsetter. It's not about the feeling of being free. Yet it's feeling of the empowerment. The feeling of being confident to just go out there without the care of what people would think. So your nipples are showing a what? I felt so empowered after trying the trend and I say to my fellow plus size women to also try it. There's nothing like feeling so positive and feeling comfortable in your own skin...Will I do it again? Absolutely. Would you try it? Truly, Zipporah
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