5 Must Have Apps for your Instagram Photos and Stories

Lately I noticed that almost everyone has been nailing the editing game on their photos lately. Everyone's become so artsy with their photos and stories. And here I am constantly trying to keep up with everyone's latest trend in the Editing game. Lucky for me, when it comes to my Instagram, I am always trying to learn and be open minded on editing styles.

Today, I wanted to share with you my Top 5 Favorite Must Have Apps that I use for my Instagram Photos and Stories. I think it will be cool if we all keep up with the Editing game, don't you think?

Lightroom Mobile App

I have been using the Lightroom Mobile App for almost 2 years now. In fact, it's actually where I learned to use Lightroom. I didn't learn how to use Lightroom on the Desktop. Everyone seems to be using the Lightroom now and Lightroom Mobile App is probably the best thing ever. I totally recommend having a Lightroom Mobile App to easily edit your photos wherever you are. 















I mainly use Afterlight for the dust and light leak effect. What I love about tthe dusty and light leak effect on this app is that the selection is endless. There's so much effects and colors you can choose from. You can even change the positions of the dusty and light leak on your photos. 


light leak




I love LOVE this app for my IG Stories. The templates on this app for your stories are the best. They are clean and simple. I love creating stories using the templates here because it's like telling a story in a blog form.



Noticed the vintage film effect on some IG Stories in Instagram? Yep, it's this app. This is the best app to use if you want your stories to turn into a vintage film. 



This app is basically just like Snapchat but 10x better. When it comes to face filters and other filters this app gots everything. I love using this app for selfies because no matter how you look, with or without make up for some reason this App just makes you 10x prettier than a regular camera. I seriously don't know how this app does it but just trust me on this. 

Thank you for reading! I hope that you enjoyed this post. Which app have you been using for your IG and IG Stories? Let me know! 

Yours Truly,

Zipporah B.