Moody Christmas

Hey All! I know I am late. But I wish you a Merry Christmas. Did you have a Merry Christmas this year? I hope that you did. I spent my Christmas on a good note. My Mom who’s been living in the Philippines and whom I have not seen for years has finally arrived in America on the very Christmas Day. It was one of my dreams for Mom to come to America. How did you spend yours?

I have been wanting to share how I decorated our home for Christmas last 2017. For 2018, however, I didn’t get to decorate much and did anything different because I was pretty busy with filing papers for my Mom and as well as School and work. But say no more! Here, I will share it anyways, late or not.


Our decorations were in a moody side. It wasn't colorful. It was simple yet bold. I just wanted 2-3 colors at the most. I chose light brown, gold, red and green for the color scheme. I just felt that these colors represents the Season's moody weather. 


My Husband lets me choose the decors as long as I let him have his fresh Christmas Tree. I originally wanted a "Let it Snow" theme but after smelling that fresh cut Christmas Tree, I knew I didn't wanna ruin it with snow spray. We always get our Christmas Tree from Home Depot for a good price. I trimmed the bottom part as it was a little too big for our living room. I decorated our tree with gold, green and red ornaments and also got some designed ornament ones from Walmart and Michael's.  For the topper, instead of a star, I finished it off with a burlap bow. 


Real Christmas Tree


For gift wrapping I went ahead with a paper bag gift wrapping paper that I got at Michael's. I wrote "Merry & Bright" and "Feliz Navidad" "Happy Holidays" on the gifts. It was so much fun wrapping these Christmas presents to be honest. I know it seemed like it was so much work, but writing on these gift wrapping papers was actually fun and it kinda adds a personal touch to it. It was like a DIY Christmas presence. 


Cozing Up

with fun Christmas socks

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Yours Truly,

Zipporah B.