Sherman Library and Garden

It's not very often that I get to see tropical garden. So, when I saw Sherman Library and Gardens as I was scrolling Instagram, I knew I had to see it. I grew up in the Philippines and whenever I see tropical and very lushed garden, it always reminds me of the good 'ol time in my province. What I really loved about Sherman Library and Garden was the indoor Tropical Garden. As soon as I walked in, it felt humid and just the smell of the humidity plus the lushed plants just really brings so much memories of my childhood. I loved the feeling of that. The variety of tropical plants that I got to see inside was inspiring in some ways. Inside, you would see different variety of tropical palm trees, from hanging shrubs to snake plants. My favorite one is the Fan Palm. I love LOVE seeing this Palm Tree. It always reminds me of Tulum. They are so unique and I loved the shade they give. They even have the Koi Pond inside which gave me and my Husband an inspiration to redo our Koi Pond at home. The Cactus and Succulent Garden was also another one too see. The huge Cactus Tree was very mesmerizing. I loved how they put all the succulents on the steps. You will see all the different types of Succulent plants that grows in California. Sherman Library and Gardens also hosts weddings. The beautiful pool and fountain courtyard makes a great place to exchange vows. They do also have a Cafe but my Husband and I opted out to dine, as the Cafe is pretty expensive. Ranging to $15-$25/plate. I could honestly say that our time at the Sherman Library and Garden was one of the highlights I've had in a very long time. I should tell you, that during that time we went, I have not been having a good week. So, it was really nice to have my mind out of stress. Yours Truly, Zipporah B. Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this post, please follow me on my Instagram and Facebook  @zipporahb_ to stay updated!