Door Tour in Palm Springs

Say what you will, but if you ask me to go on a Door Tour in Palm Springs, I would probably be the first person in line. A lot of you have probably heard and seen the famous "Pink Door" in Palm Springs, but did you know there are more doors that you could definitely check out? Hop in, I'll take you for fun tour right now. First Stop: The Pink Door You've heard of it, you've seen it on Instagram, of course The Pink Door is the first place I will take you, duh! Location: 1100 Sierra Way 2nd Stop: The Party Lions 3 doors down, the Party Lions Door. The owners of this house knows that people come here to take photos, so from time to time they change the accessory of the Party Lions. These Party Lions looks like they party more than we do, though. 3rd Stop: ININN Location:  Down the Street from Party Lions, you will find this Indian inspired Green Door. Its right next to the Hotel California, you can't miss it. Last Stop: Korakia Pensione We have reached our last stop, my ultimate favorite - Korakia Pensione. If you are into Moroccan Style, this is the spot. (Read Korakia Pensione here). Would you go on a Door Tour? Yours Truly, Zipporah B.
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