See you soon Cancun

I can't contain my excitement. Today marks 6 t-minus days till our trip to Cancun. I have never been to Mexico. Not even in Tijuana that everyone seems to be talking about. I've heard so much about Cancun from my sister. And I could not be any more excited when she picked this destination for her wedding. I lived most of my life in the Philippines so I am fully aware of the tropical weather. I've packed mostly shorts, rompers and I am still waiting for my swimsuits to be delivered. One of the outfits I can't wait to wear is this lovely romper that I got for only $13 at a local boutique in Buena Park called 2-C Plus. What I love about this romper, not only was, I scored this on a cheap price, but I could just throw a blazer and pair it with these little black ankle booties by wet seal and I am off to have a little formal dinner with my family.

I will be in Cancun for 5 days, in the meantime, I would love to hear any suggestions you guys may have. Places to see, foods to eat. Now, I would love to see places that is lesser known, any suggestions? I've heard about Tulum...ohh Tulum, do you guys think it's possible for us to see it? I would be staying in Riviera Maya. Ahh soo much to tell...Until then, I will see you soon Cancun.

FashionZipporah Bermudez