A month ago, I traveled to Nebraska to attend my Sister's graduation. But what was I doing in Kansas, you say? Well, to save money on flights we chose to fly in and out of Kansas Airport. It was 3 hours drive to and from Omaha. But I think it was a great deal because hours before I flew back to California, I was able to explore Kansas City. My sister warned me about the drive and the weather but I didn't expect it to be so literal. It was literally 3 hours drive and the weather was HUMID. I'm glad I brought comfortable clothes and shoes. I have been really into sleeveless shirts and dresses with round strappy strap like this one. I bought the shirt at 2-C Plus in Buena Park Mall for only $3 and my new favorite ripped pants was about $24.99. I paired it with my Nike walking shoes and with the humidity, there's nothing being comfortable while strolling around town. Kansas was such a blast especially going there on a Sunday when everything was closed and nobody was around. I love where I could just enjoy the City by strolling around without crowds. Unlike being in Los Angeles where it is like a Zoo everyday. I loved every minute of Kansas. The building and skyscrapers have sent me through Heart Eyes City. Another thing I loved about Kansas is how the airport was so easy and breezy. You could show up 5 minutes before your flight and you'd still make it. It was such a great Sunday Funday, until we arrived back in the busiest and noisiest place in California -Los Angeles Airport. I just couldn't helped but mumble "Were not in Kansas, anymore"  Have you been to Kansas City? Yours Truly, Zipporah SHOP THE LOOK HERE: Plus Size Refuge Skin Tight Legging Destroyed Jeans • Charlotte Russe • $14.99 Nike Downshifter 6 • Nike • $32.99–48 Plus Size Refuge Skinny Boyfriend Destroyed Jeans • Charlotte Russe • $14.99 Nike Tanjun • Nike • $32.75–49.72 FOREVER 21+ Plus Size Netted Bikini Bottoms • Forever 21 • $17.90 Nike Women's Court Royale Casual Sneakers from Finish Line • Nike • $29.98 FOREVER 21+ Plus Size Scoop Neck Bodysuit • Forever 21 • $17.90 FOREVER 21+ Plus Size Open-Mesh Bodysuit • Forever 21 • $15.90