Holy Matcha

A blush pink couch contrasting the green palms wallpaper and matcha. Oh Holy Matcha, you are what every Instagrammer dreams are made of. I love living in this, what they call - Millennial Year. I believe that through the power of Social Media it had open doors for a lot of human beings with creative mind. With that being said, I am always amazed when I see an individual with creative mind build their dream and turn that to inspire others like myself. Could you imagine how the owner of Holy Matcha told her friends, "I'm going to open up an Instagrammable Matcha Cafe"? Do you think her friends made fun of her or thought she was nuts? Just a thought... I am so drawn by the interior design of this place, that I forgot what this Cafe is all about. Matcha, also known as "fine powdered green tea", originated from Japan. I don't know a lot about Matcha but I do love Green Tea. For some reason, I get this two mixed up. The two actually have different texture, color, processing and taste. I wouldn't bother you with a long info on that. I ordered their Pink Lemonade and the Chia Pudding and boy did it taste good. My sister and my nephew ordered the Strawberry Donut, as well as the Matcha Horchata and I thought it was pretty delicious as well. What do you think of this place? Yours Truly, Zipporah B.
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