Cafe Topes

Wake up friends, it's brunch o'clock at Cafe Topes! I have always been a brunch gal and chances are, I am probably at a Cafe having a brunch while working on this post. One of the things I always look forward when I am out on a short trip is brunch. I love good food and pretty food but a beautiful Cafe is always a PLUS for me. So, when my sister found out about the Cafe Topes, we were speeding to get there as soon as we can. Cafe Topes is located in Carlsbad and if you are a huge fan of Eggs Benedict for brunch, this place is IT. Like, Ohhh my God! I'm NOT even kidding. From the Classic Eggs Benedict to Mac n Benedict (Hollandaise over Poached Egg with Real Crab and Avocado on a English Muffin. Which I ordered, btw) this place has wide variety when it comes to the Egg's Benedict. I loved everything in their Menu, the Parfait was to die for. Another thing I also love about their menu is you get to choose whether you'd want hashbrown or pancakes with your order. Of course, I'd order hashbrown, because...hashbrown > pancakes. Did I also mention the Succulent wall? Hello.... What's your favorite in the Brunch menu? Yours Truly, Zipporah

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