Forever Laced

I could name a few dress in my closet that makes me feel sexy, but if you let me choose the one and ONLY one that I'd grab, it would be my lace dress from Forever 21 (similar here). The conservative look of the semi turtle neck line with a small open button back gives the dress a twist to the daring look. The intricate lace details on this dress is also one of my favorites. One of the things I love about this dress is it could be worn with different looks. You could either dress it down with a spaghetti strap fitted mini dress inside, a leather jacket and more. Β But for now, I share with you on how to dress this lace as to simple intimate date night look. Finish this look with a bold red lipstick and a sexy strappy sandals and I'm sure your date would not be able to keep his eyes away from you. Would you wear this on a date night? Let me know on the comment section below Truly, Zipporah
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