We Heart Fridays

Hey there my lovelies! We're back again with We Heart Fridays. This is my post every Friday where I post some inspirations from We Heart It. Today I thought about Friendship. No matter how much I say I hate people I don't think I can ever live without friends. I only have few friends in my life but they are all have been in my life for a while. Having a friend is like having your own person. Someone you can talk to about everything. Someone you travel with. Someone that gets you. And no matter who you call your best friend is, if it's your sister, your brother, your neighbor, your husband, your boyfriend....it is always ALWAYS nice to have a friend.

DISCLAIMER: Photos are from weheartit.com. I do NOT own the photos. All credits goes to the owner of these photos. These photos inspires me that I thought I’d share to my readers as well.

Who's your bestest friend? Truly, Zipporah
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