Cafe 86

Ube also known as purple yam, is extremely popular dessert in South East Asia, especially in my country Philippines. Today, I decided to check out one of the Cafe's I've been seeing on my Instagram Feed - Cafe 86 - and give one of their popular ube flan cupcake a try. I ordered the ube flan cupcake and a mini ube monster drink. They were pretty delicious! However, I was surprised about the size of the ube flan cupcake, I was expecting it was going to be big. And NO guys, I promise I'm not trying to give in to gluttony, I just thought the size would be as bigΒ as how I've seen them on Instagram. Do not get fooled by the size though, it fills you up rather quickly. Anyways, thank God, I do not live close to this Cafe because gluttony sin might have been committed almost everyday. I also love the brick walls and rustic vibe goin' on in this cafe. If you've known me for a while, you know rustic decors are one of my weaknesses. The chalkboard and the couches really gives that charm to this Cafe. What Cafe should I check out next time? Comment them below! Truly, Zipporah