Girls just wanna have fun

Cue any Madonna Song or better yet the most appropriate song of Cyndi Lauper : Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Now, I have mention that my sister recently just got married in Cancun. But what I have not mention is, the Bachelorette I threw for her last year. To celebrate, I thought, I'd throw her a party at the Inn she's been dying to see. And what could be more perfect theme than "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" at Madonna Inn, right? And I'm just going to cut the chase here...It was pretty wonderful. The sparkling pretty pink walls, the super huge bed and 2 balconies, the pretty bathrooms and showers, was oohhh soo pretty! It was as if, every girl's dream room came true. There are more than 50 rooms and they are all different themes. We stayed in Carin Room which is one of their girliest room, ever! If you do decide to book, please call them rather than booking online. Also, please note that there could only be 2 people in the room. I got charged the incidental purposes for having extra people in our room (Whoops!). It was right around summer that time, so my Sister and I suggested to all girls that we all wear floral dress for dinner. I went for the sheer dark purple floral dress from Forever 21. It was love at first sight. As soon as I saw this dress, I didn't even have the second thought to try it on. I paired the dress with a blue strappy sandals from Shoedazzle, because I was feeling pretty flirty that day.We got so much compliments, one, even offered to take our photos and one even asked if she could join our party, Ha! That was such a fantastic weekend getaway with my girls. My sister have mentioned this place to me for a while now and I was so happy I was able to finally made my sister dream come true. But just like any other dream, sometimes, it takes a while to make it happen. Madonna Inn, came with a price tag so that's probably one of the reason too why it took so long for us to finally go. But I kinda like that it took this long because it was meant to happen with all my girls that just wanna have fun.
Zipporah Bermudez